Tow Bar Fitting – What are the options?

As Spring tries to make an entrance and we all think about holidays and days out (or try to), is now the time to be fitting a tow bar?

It might be for a Caravan, Trailer Tent, Trailer or a Cycle Carrier, please let us guide you through all teh different options to ensure you get teh right bar and installation for you.

The obvious options include Detachable or fixed bar, but the less obvious choices are around how you want your electrics installed. In the old days (and some fitters only offer this option today) the electrics were installed by picking up power from the rear quarter of the car (bypass installation). This was and is functional, but if you have a car under a new warranty / a lease car or a vehicle with trailer stability controls, you should at least consider dedicated / vehicle specific electrical installation.  With the dedicated system, your vehicle knows you are towing and your towing safety features are activated (particularly important if you are towing a caravan, horse trailer or sizeable trailer), with bypass your lights etc are working, but your car does not know you are towing and therefore any safety features are not activated.

We are very happy to guide you through the different options and explain the differences. If you are comparing quotes, please ensure you are comparing like with like.

Please call us on 033 33 22 44 55 (local rate), send us an email to info@bigbearoutdoor.co.uk or drop in to see us at Oundle Marina and we will be happy to help.