Pros and Cons of Buying or Hiring a Roof Box!

Pros and Cons of Buying or Hiring a Roof Box!

Roof Boxes have been around for a while now and they have certainly been a god send to many Mum’s and Dad’s with growing families. If you haven’t got a roof box, but are considering it, do you Buy or Hire? We won’t explore the option of borrowing from friends here, as we have all heard stories of boxes bursting open on the motorway or explaining to your friends that their box is now redesigned after meeting a multi storey car park!


Pros Cons
Available when you need it Cost – not just the box, but bars and fittings kits also
Investment (if you buy a good one, they do last) Storage – Bulky / gets damaged
No need to buy a bigger car Will you use it enough to justify purchase?


Thule are the undoubted champions of the roof box / roof bars market (multi award winners), so if you were considering buying and are seeing it as a family investment, then they are certainly the brand to consider. There are numerous options on roof boxes sizes / models and variations of roof bars dependant on your car, but ball park if you are buying new, you are looking at approx. £550-£650 for a roof box, with the necessary roof bars and fittings.


Pros Cons
Flexible If storage is not an issue and you are hiring multiple times a year, buying is probably a better bet
No storage issues Does your local Roof Box hire firm has enough boxes for when you want to hire?
Pay when we need it
Guys fit it for us
No issues with changing car and different bars
No need to buy a bigger car


There are several businesses in the market that now hire out not only roof boxes, but roof boxes, bars and all the fittings. For once a year users and for families who change cars often, this is definitely an option to look at. If you are going to a reputable firm, they should be able to hire you the roof box and all the fittings, will install the bars and box for you and should be insured (be careful of someone renting their old roof box, from the back garden). For a week’s roof box hire, including all the fittings, you will be looking at £90-£120 subject to the time of year.

So, in conclusion, if you have a young family and have plenty of storage, then making an investment and buying could be the right option for you. On the flip side, if storage is an issue and you are only likely to be using the box once or twice a year, contact your local Roof Box hire firm and check on prices. Top Tip – If you know you will need the box for three weeks in a year across two holidays – haggle for a 3-week price, rather than discussing hire by hire!

Overall – Happy adventures!

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