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Woodford Car Trailers WBT-141
Woodford Car Trailers WBT-141 Woodford Trailers WBT-141 - Trailer Hire 5139445C-B20E-4354-A9C7-64145AF9CBDE.jpeg

Woodford Wide Body Car Trailer WBT-141-1 ( 16′ x 6’6” / 487cm x 198cm )


Woodford Car Trailer WBT-141-1

The wide body range are ideal for low ground clearance cars. The ramps pull straight out from the end of the runways. All WBT trailers come with wheel chocks. The WBT-141-1 twin axle comes with Tilt and Ramps. We find that this model with the 3500kg MGW makes the best economic sense as the lower payload trailers offer a negligible saving over this model – see full specification below


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Woodford Car Trailers WBT-141-1

The widebody range is ideal for low ground clearance cars. The combination of a tilt bed and ramps that pull straight out from the end of the runways, makes for easy use. The Woodford Car Trailers WBT-141-1 twin axle comes with Tilt and Ramps and has the following specification –

  • MGW 3500kg, payload 2720kg (pre options)
  • Tilt Bed
  • Ramps that deploy and store easily straight from the end of the runways
  • Central decking
  • Spare wheel
  • Drop down legs
  • Locking hitch
  • Wheel chocks.
  • Wheel size 12”
  • See dimensions tab

Popular Options –

  • Winch – Manual or electric
  • Wheel clamp
  • Fuel storage box
  • Tyre rack

Please feel free to email or call us to discuss your needs. It is really important to us that you get the right trailer for your needs and by chatting this through, it helps us to help you. Rest assured (as you will see from our reviews), we are not heavy sell, but we are keen to help!


  • Bed dimensions 16’x6’6” 487cm x 198cm
  • MGW 3000kg
  • Payload 2300kg
  • Overall width 2330mm
  • Overall length 6224mm
  • Loading angle 5 degrees
  • Gap between runways 1100mm
  • Ramp length 2450mm


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