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Brenderup 1205S XL with ABS Lid
Brenderup 1205S XL with ABS Lid Brenderup 1205S XL Camping Trailer with ABS Lid and Jockey wheel Brenderup 1205S XL Camping Trailer with ABS Lid and Jockey wheel Brenderup 1205S XL Camping Trailer with ABS Lid and Jockey wheel Brenderup 1205S XL with ABS Lid Brenderup 1205S XL Camping Trailer with ABS Lid and Jockey wheel Brenderup 1205S XL Camping Trailer with ABS Lid and Jockey wheel

Brenderup 1205XL with ABS Lid – Weeks Hire


Brenderup 1205S XL with ABS Lid – One Week Hire

Welcome to our listing for ONE Week’s Hire Brenderup 1205 XL trailer fitted with ABS lid and jockey wheel. This is a great sized Camping Trailer with a huge amount of space.

Please see full description below –


Brenderup 1205XL with ABS Lid – Weeks Hire

If you are looking for a quality trailer with a large volume of space for a great price the Brenderup 1205s XL with ABS lid is it. Brenderup are best known for their Camping Trailers in the UK and this model builds on the great reputation of the 1205 model, but with the added benefit of 55cm deep sides. By adding the ABS lid you then have a max of 35cm of extra height combined with a lockable waterproof lid. The lid opens on supporting struts and can be removed and refitted with ease.

Key features are –

  • Great quality
  • Galvanised chassis
  • Internal tie points
  • 13″ wheels
  • Tilt function to tip the load bed down
  • Trailer can be stored vertically and the A frame folded down
  • 13 pin electrics
  • Jockey wheel
  • Comes with a fitted spare wheel, hitch lock and on car lock

** Take an Oblong rear number plate – we can orfded one for you for £15, but will need to see your V5.


  • £200 deposit required
  • Full UK driving licence to be seen from hirer
  • Bank statement or Utility bill less than 6 months old
  • Advance booking required

Please feel free to email or call us to discuss your needs. It is really important to us that you get the right trailer for your needs and by chatting this through, it helps us to help you. Rest assured (as you will see from our reviews), we are not heavy sell, but we are keen to help!


Internal dimensions –

  • Length – 204 cm
  • Width – 116 cm
  • Height – 55 cm, plus ABS lid max of 35 cm

External Dimensions –

  • Length – 299 cm
  • Width – 157 cm
  • Height – 146 cm

Weights – 

  •  Gross Capacity – 750 kg
  •  Load Capacity – 525 kg

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