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Additional Quality brands for 2019!

Additional Quality Trailer brands for 2019!

We are very pleased and very proud to announce that we are adding to the range of quality Trailer brands we stock. Our rationale is that we want to maintain our quality focus, plus be able to provide a wider range and greater choice to our customers. The first confirmed Brands in alphabetical¬†order are –

Moetefindt Trailers – Moetefindt offer stunning craftsmanship and a range of enclosed car trailers that can be tailored to your needs. The enclosed trailers offer either tautliner sides or hard opening sides and an array of options. In addition to the tailored build, the trailers are also unique in that they have air suspension, so the ride and handling of the trailers are second to none. We will have access to a demonstrator shortly – please let us know if viewing/testing this would be of interest.

Woodford Trailers РWoodford trailers have been building quality trailers in the heart of British Motorsport Countryside for over 20 years. This UK design, UK build trailer manufacturer have a reputation for great quality, robustness and design. The range covers a 3 Motorbike trailer, Smart car Transporter trailer (typically for behind Motorhomes), right up to large 16ft flatbeds, a wide range of open car trailers and a stunning range of enclosed car transport trailers. Please contact us with your requirements and we will happily guide you to the right trailer for your needs.

We are truly delighted to be able to offer these three great brands and we look forward to stocking and offering an even wider range of trailers as we move into 2019.