Anssems Trailers

Anssems Trailers

We are delighted to be approved Anssems Trailer Dealer and to be able to offer the Anssems range of quality trailers.
AnssemsTrailers started production in the Netherlands in 1977 and still produce there today. Anssems has always had the reputation of building ‘the unbreakable trailer’ and again this has been the starting point of the new line of products. By working in a very precise manner and also being equipped with the most modern technologies, all trailers are guaranteed to live up to high-quality standards. Not only the production process is inspected carefully, but each trailer is also subjected to a thorough final inspection.
Anssems are best known in the UK for the Aluminium sided and hard-topped trailers, which are particularly popular for Camping. The aluminium lids provide a great platform for all sorts of applications including cycle carriers and roof boxes! Please contact us with your needs and we will be very happy ti guide you through the range and find the right trailer for your needs.

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