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Your guide to finding the perfect camping trailer for you

Explore our camping trailer buying guide to find out exactly which trailer suits your practical & budgetary needs

The different types of camping trailers explained

With so many different camping trailers to choose from, let us explore the different types of camping trailers you can buy and explain why we would recommend them.

No Cover

Although the cheapest option, the open trailers are very rarely chosen as a Camping trailer. We do however, take this same style of trailer and add both soft tops and hard tops making these much more useable for camping (explained below).

The main benefit of a camping trailer with no cover is the price. The Brenderup 1150 and 1205 are extremely affordable and are packed with features that make them a great camping trailer option.

Soft Cover

Soft Cover camping trailers (also known as soft top) are a perfect alternative to the traditional camping trailer with no cover. It adds that extra weather protection whilst travelling and also whilst on site (or at home). These models provide a cost effective option and a half way house between open and the hard top trailers.

Brenderup are the soft top camping trailers that we recommend. They are built to last & have flat coverdouble height & high cover options, meaning you have a range of choices depending on your storage requirements.

Hard Top

The Hard Top range is the ultimate camping trailer and there are a number of options to choose from within the hard top models (Hard plastic ABS lids or solid aluminium lids).

Having a hard top lid on your trailer provides not only the weather protection, but also enhanced security to keep your camping equipment safe and secure. Some of the hard top lids are also designed to take load on top, providing the facility to add items like roof rack systems, that can then accommodate cycle carriers, WaterSport carriers or a roof box to provide extra load space. Do check out the different hard top models and if you are thinking about placing load on top ensure they were designed with this use in mind (for example Anssems HT, VT1, VT2 models are designed to take roof rack systems, whereas the Brenderup ABS lid models are not).

The Anssems range are fantastic camping trailers and are available at many different sizes, all to suit your requirements.

Key Features of Camping Trailers

If you’re new to camping, there may be certain features of a camping trailer that you do not know about. Don’t despair! We are here to help you understand all you need to know when it comes to camping trailers. Take a look at the full range of features you can expect on our range of AnssemsBrenderup camping trailers.

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What brands of camping trailer are available?

Now you know what to expect from your camping trailer & have some idea about the type of trailer you will be looking for, it’s time to understand about the trailer brands that specialise in the camping trailer sector.

Anssems Trailers

Anssems Trailers started production in The Netherlands in 1977 and still produced there today. Anssems has always had the reputation of building ‘the unbreakable trailer’ and again this has been the starting point of the new line of products. By working in a very precise manner and also being equipped with the most modern technologies, all trailers are guaranteed to live up to high-quality standards. Not only is the production process inspected carefully, but each trailer is also subjected to a thorough final inspection.

Anssems are best known in the UK for the Aluminium sided and hard-topped trailers, which are particularly popular for Camping. The aluminium lids provide a great platform for all sorts of applications including cycle carriers and roof boxes!

Brenderup Trailers

Since its beginning in 1936, Brenderup has been on the way forward and along the way their trailers have become even more equipped. The product range has simultaneously grown and they’ve produced products for all types of transport. Today they are Scandinavia´s leading manufacturer of trailers – so it’s no coincidence that they pace reliability, function and modern design, as well as the best safety possible, at the top of the agenda. Their wide range of accessories makes their trailers extra flexible.

The trailers are produced in their top modern facilities which ensures both good quality and delivery time. That’s where the key to their success is the engaged and proficient operators. The people behind that are tremendously important. They know that a trailer needs to be modern, reliable and functional. Just like a good friend on the road should be.

Ensure your camping adventure goes off without a hitch!

Holidays are supposed to be stress-free, but camping can be anything but! Purchasing an Anssems or Brenderup camping trailer will help to make your holiday easier. Sit back and relax, knowing that your journey will be safe and secure